Postdoctoral Associate

I am currently recruiting postdoctoral associates. Please see this advertisement for details and instruction on how to apply.

Graduate Students

I am interested in accepting graduate students with a broad interest in infectious disease epidemiology. I am particularly keen to hear from students who have a strong quantitative background and who are interested in using mechanistic models of disease transmission to interpret empirical data, to plan empirical studies, or to inform strategic optimization of disease control interventions and policy. I would also be interested in taking on students who are interested in conducting empirical research on infectious diseases.  If you are interested in joining my lab as a graduate student, please send me a short email describing your research interests and with your CV attached.


UGA is located one hour east of Atlanta in Athens, Georgia.  The town offers a fantastic quality of life at a low cost of living, including a world class music scene, fantastic food, and easy access to a host of cultural and outdoor activities.